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    Call us and schedule your teleconsultation.

    What is a teleconsultation?

    A teleconsultation is a remote consultation that allows interaction and information sharing, with mandatory recording in the citizen’s clinical process. It can occur in real-time (synchronous) or deferred (asynchronous).

    Are there different types of teleconsultation?

    Yes. Teleconsultation can occur between:

    • Patient and healthcare professional
    • Healthcare professionals (regarding a patient’s case)

    and can happen in real-time (synchronous) or deferred (asynchronous):

    • Real-time teleconsultation – This involves a consultation that occurs in real-time, synchronously.
    • Deferred teleconsultation – This involves a consultation that is based on previously collected patient data.

    Would you like to schedule a Teleconsultation?

    Please refer to the procedure below:

    The schedule and fees will be communicated upon contact by our administrative staff, Rodrigo.

    1- Fill out the form

    2- You will receive a contact from Oxyclinic

    3- Make the Payment

    4- Receive the link for the Teleconsultation


      Specialities for Teleconsultation


      Personalized Medical Oncology

      Medical oncology is a medical speciality dedicated to the diagnosis, treatment and follow-up of patients with cancer.

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      Hyperbaric Medicine

      Hyperbaric Medicine, also known as Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT), involves the medical use of oxygen at 100% saturation concentration while under pressure inside a hyperbaric chamber.

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      Fertility Support Medicine

      In our clinic, the dream of having a baby is within everyone’s reach.

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      Functional Nutrition

      Functional nutrition is an approach that seeks to understand the nutritional needs of each individual, considering their lifestyle, health history and specific conditions.

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      Integrative Medicine

      Precision Integrative Medicine is a branch of medicine aimed at improving the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases, focusing on the individual.

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      Would you like to schedule an appointment?

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