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    Functional Nutrition/Oncological Nutrition

    Functional Nutrition/Oncological Nutrition

    Functional nutrition is an approach that seeks to understand the nutritional needs of each individual, considering their lifestyle, health history, and specific conditions.

    Functional nutrition is an approach that seeks to understand the nutritional needs of each individual, considering their lifestyle, health history, and specific conditions. In integrative medicine, functional nutrition stands out as one of the specialties since diet is one of the pillars of health.

    The goal is to promote adequate nutrition for each individual, aiming to prevent diseases and treat imbalances in the body, as well as to help maintain a healthy lifestyle. Functional nutrition can also be used as a complementary tool in the treatment of chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, and obesity, for example. Strengthening the systems (cardiovascular, digestive, immune, nervous, among others) of our body so that they function as best as possible, in order to achieve a state of health and well-being.

    Through a personalized approach, functional nutrition contributes to a better quality of life and well-being for patients.

    At OxyClinic, accompanying oncology patients is one of our missions. Together, we develop a personalized and adequate nutritional approach for each individual.

    Nutrition in ONCOLOGY:

    Nutrition, besides its important role in disease prevention, is a powerful tool as adjuvant/complementary therapy in the treatment of various diseases, specifically chronic and degenerative diseases such as cancer.

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    The only way to truly progress in the treatment of individuals with oncological diseases is to use all available resources, both preventive and curative. Conventional treatments such as surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, hormone therapy, among others, are increasingly effective in combating cancer. However, these are not harmless to our healthy cells and our immune system. It is crucial to complement conventional treatments with complementary therapies.

    In the oncological nutrition consultation, a multidisciplinary assessment of the oncological patient is carried out, where we evaluate personal and family history, general condition, nutritional status, stage of the disease, type of conventional treatment, etc., and we develop a plan adapted to each case in order to optimize the overall success of the therapy.

    Thus, we can act at different moments:

    Prevention: Aimed at the general population, specifically for those with a family history of oncological disease who want to focus on prevention.

    Diagnosis: At the time of diagnosis/before starting conventional treatments, nutritional support helps prepare our body for treatments, increasing their effectiveness and controlling their side effects.

    Oncological treatments: During conventional treatments, the focus is on controlling the symptoms associated with treatments. Protecting and strengthening the immune system, increasing the effectiveness of oncological treatments by acting on the same molecular targets, and protecting the body from damage.

    After treatment: At the end of treatments, our focus is mainly on recovering the immune system, cell recovery and regeneration, and preventing relapses.


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