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    Oxyclinic is an innovative clinic focused on the medicine of the future. At our clinic, we develop personalized, precise and innovative health programs based on pillars such as Hyperbaric, Regenerative and Oncological Medicine. Our focus is on personalizing healthcare. We accompany our clients in the health-disease process. The Health-Disease process is an expression used to refer to all the variables that involve the health and disease of an individual or population and considers that both are interconnected and are consequences of the same factors. Presently Future Medicine! We move from a theory of a disease unicausality, beginning of the 20th century… to a theory of multicasuality, involving biological, genetic, psychological, social factors…

    We offer an innovative concept in the analysis and understanding of each individual’s health for the treatment and prevention of disease. This concept takes into account genetic variability, environment and lifestyle, combining technological advancements in the implementation of new diagnostic and treatment mechanisms for diseases. Each individual has unique characteristics and thanks to the latest developments and discoveries in the health and information technology fields, it is now possible to specify and tailor treatment to different patient profiles, achieving exponential improvements in results.

    This approach is becoming increasingly relevent, as evidenced by the response to some current treatments. Even diseases like diabetes, which are extensively studied, exibit treatment response rates of over 40%, resulting in a loss of patient quality of life and increased treatment costs. Others, such as arthritis, show an efficacy rate of around 50%, a percentage that rises in the case of oncology treatments (75%).

    The vision is that this type of approach will improve the speed and effectiveness of diagnoses, avoiding the prescription of unnecessary, ineffective and costly therapies. Economically, this will mean a rational and efficient use of available resources, reducing waste and costs associated with ineffective treatments and their side effects.

    Thus, in a quest for comprehensive care based on current, predictive scientific principles, we have assembled a team of professionals from various fields who have one mission: personalized, precised and innovative medicine. Technological advances and the pursuit of personalized care hace led us to a Medicine P4 – Predictive, Personalized and proactive – as a possible solution.

    At Oxyclinic, we develop treatment programs based on individual information, including genetics, to make more tailored decisions and achieve better results, faster. This allows us to plan more efficient and personalized care strategies. This comprehensive individual patient knowledge includes genetic test results, clinical data, personal and family health history, lifestyle habits and other environmental factors, as well as results from other innovative diagnostic tests.


    By utilizing this approach, Oxyclinic has the capability to offer more effective and personalized treatments, as each patient is treated uniquely and individually, taking into consideration their genetic makeup and personal characteristics. Additionaly, precision medicine also allows for the early identification of risks and diseases, even before symptoms appear, which can facilitate treatment and prevent future complications.

    Oxyclinic offers a wide range of precision medicine services, from genetic testing to personalized treatments for a variety of conditions, such as injuries and medical conditions related to high-performance exercise, oncological diseases and sequelae of treatments, post-Covid syndrome, autoimmune diseases, acute and chronic pain, fibromyalgia, surgical recovery, fertility treatments, chronic wound treatment, among many other conditions.

    If you’re looking for a more personalized and effective approach to your health, the treatment programs offered by our Oxyclinic team can be a great option. It is now widely agreed that the future of medicine undoubtedly involves adopting this type of approach, and the health of the Portuguese people deserves strategies to promote it. A dream come true… We invest in the latest diagnostic and treatment technology to offer the care that we believe is best for those who seek us out!!! A very personal project, made real. Because only as a team can we achieve the desired results!!

    A big thank you to all who have made and continue to make it happen!! Sincerely, Carina Guerreiro

    Get in touch and schedule your consultation to learn more and achieve a better quality of life with health!!!

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    Hyperbaric Medicine

    Hyperbaric Medicine, also known as Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT), involves the medical use of oxygen at 100% saturation concentration while under pressure inside a hyperbaric chamber.

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    Personalized Medical Oncology

    Medical Oncology is a medical speciality dedicated to the diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of patients with cancer.

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    Integrative Medicine

    Precision Integrative Medicine is a branch of medicine aimed at improving the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases, with a focus on the individual.

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    Sports Medicine

    Sports Medicine is a medical speciality dedicated to the health care of athletes and individuals who engage in physical activities.

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