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  • Hyperbaric Chamber and Regenerative Medicine…

    The future made present!

    Hyperbaric chamber therapy is a medical treatment that involves exposing a patient to high-pressure oxygen.

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    The Oxyclinic is an innovative clinic focused on the medicine of the future. In our clinic, we develop personalized, precise, and innovative health programs based on pillars such as Hyperbaric, Regenerative, and Oncological medicine.

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    Our team

    The best professionals at your service.

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    Personalized and Precise Health Programs

    Based on pillars such as Hyperbaric, Regenerative and Oncological Medicine.

    Medicine of the Future
    and Innovative

    We invest in the latest diagnostic and treatment technology, so we can offer the care you need.

    Improve your Quality
    of Life

    Health is an expression of various interconnected factors, including biological, genetic, psychological and social factors.


    Did you know you can change your life?

    Precision medicine treatments for a variety of medical conditions

    • Injuries in high-performance athletes
    • Autoimmune diseases (diabetes)
    • Post-Covid syndrome
    • Chronic pain
    • Fertility treatments
    • Oncology patients

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    Discover the benefits

    Hyperbaric and Regenerative Medicine

    The Oxyclinic offers this new and innovative medical treatment, with numerous benefits

    • Pain reduction
    • Increased mobility
    • Improves quality of life
    • Treatment of heart diseases
    • Treatment of neurological conditions
    • Treatment of wounds and injuries

    And much more…

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    Meet Our Team

    The best professionals at your service.

    Clinical Coordinator, Integrative/Oncological Health and Expert in Ozone Therapy

    Dra. Carina Guerreiro

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    Dr. José Menezes
    Neurology Resident / Hyperbaric Medicine / Clinical Director

    Dr. José Menezes

    Medical Oncology / Subaquatic and Hyperbaric Medicine

    Dr. Diogo Alpuim Costa

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    Sports Medicine

    Dr. Miguel Cardoso

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    Our Specialities

    Inovação e tecnologia ao seu dispor

    Hyperbaric Medicine

    Hyperbaric Medicine, also known as Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT), involves the medical use of oxygen at 100% saturation concentration while under pressure inside an hyperbaric chamber.

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    Personalized Medical Oncology

    Medical Oncology is a medical speciality dedicated to the diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of patients with cancer.

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    Integrative Medicine

    Precision Integrative Medicine is a branch of medicine aimed at improving the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases, with a focus on the individual.

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    Sports Medicine

    Sports Medicine is a medical speciality dedicated to the healthcare of athletes and individuals who engage in physical activities

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